Our Females

These are our girls. They do not just live to breed. They are our pets. They live with us and go on vacations with us. They play with each other and our children. They go camping and they go to soccer games. They are living their best lives.

PLP Montana
atat coco Dd Ee n/EM n/KB

Montana was our first Frenchie. She was born 1/25/2021 She is considered a Micro . She has amazing temperament and is very loving. She is four panel clear. She is a visual coco with Brindle in her tan points. She delivered her first litter on 1/5/23. Pups are ready for their forever homes

PLP Dakota
atat coco Dd EM/e no brindle no pied

Dakota is an amazing girl. She was born 11/17/2021. She will be coming into heat early 2023. She is four panel clear. She has excellent temperament and is a micro. She is a visual coco and tan. When we breed her we will be looking to add merle into the genetics of the offspring.

PLP Lucy
ata coco dd  pied fluffy carrier (l4)

Lucy is full of energy. She was born 4/30/2022 She loves to play and she loves to cuddle. She is a full size Frenchie. She is four panel clear. We love the pied and we want to make pied puppies with her. She carries fluffy.We would love to have a visual fluffy pied. We feel that would be stunning..

PLP Winter
AYa  nco dd ee Ll1 no brindle no pied

This is our youngest. She  was born 6/30/22 For now she is running and playing and trying to be the alpha. She carries Fluffy.  She will make stunning puppies early next year.