Why Pennylane Projects

We named this journey after the first racing greyhound we adopted over 20 years ago. We are not hype and we are not competing with anyone. We are here to fill a need in the family Frenchie Market. We are a home breeder that is looking to place our puppies in caring homes. We are here to serve the buyer looking for a family pet and the buyer that wants to breed on a small scale. We are not Color DNA Chasing. (Though our puppies are loaded with high quality DNA.) We are always breeding for quality health, temperament, and structure first.

This adventure is what we have chosen to do in our retirement years. We love Frenchies and we know you will as well. There is a reason the french bulldog breed has become one of the most popular in the world.

We are a full service, family friendly breeder. If you are looking for a breeder you can trust for excellence and feel safe with throughout the puppy buying process then look no further.

French Bulldogs

What you need to know

A French Bulldog from a quality breeder with quality genetic lines is expensive

To bring a French Bulldog litter into the world costs between $4,000 and $9,000. That includes breeding, testing, delivering and whelping.

Each of our breeder females was an $8,000 to $15,000  initial investment

Taking care of each female (vet visits, Food, etc) is $2,000 to $3,000 per year.

We must pay stud fees and French Bulldogs must be artificially inseminated. That is $2,000 to $10,000

An average French Bulldog litter is 2-4 pups

Once the litter is delivered by C Section (No natural birth) The pups must be cared for by us every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks. Then it changes to every 3 hours for the next two weeks.

Then the pups go to the Vet for the health check, shots, deworming, microchipping. During this time they play with other animals and our children so they are socialized and ready to bond with you.

Buying from a reputable, high quality breeder is expensive. There is no such thing as a "Cheap"  Frenchie. If you buy "cheap" you will probably spend much more than $10,000 in vet bills because of the poor genetics in the "cheap"  Frenchie.

While there are no guarantees when you purchase a living animal, there are better odds of long term health when you invest in a quality French Bulldog.

Whether you are looking for a high quality pet or a foundational breeding dog we have what you need.


French Bulldog Issues

It is important that you know the breed.

You are buying a French Bulldog. It is your responsibility to understand the inherent issues within the breed. The issues below are not exclusive to French Bulldogs but are sometimes seen in the breed. Any and all issues that may occur will be your responsibility once you purchase your puppy.  Some French Bulldog issues include, but are not limited to : Parasites (internal or external), bacterial infections, cherry eye, loose hips, loose knees, Paralysis, Skin allergies, Stomach allergies, elongated soft palette,  Small or collapsed nostrils,  bad or uneven bite, undescended testes,  demodex, mange, inguinal, or umbilical hernia, fleas, ticks, ear mites, coccidia, giardia, kennel cough, trachea hypoplasia, open fontanelle, thyroid dysfunction, etc .

If you buy "cheap" from another breeder there is a very high possibility you will have one of the major defects in your puppy.

Buy it anyway

Why you need a Frenchie

The AKC ranks the  French Bulldog as the number 2 most popular dog

French Bulldogs are small. Full grown they are under 25 lbs. They would do well in an apartment or a home. They make small poops

French Bulldogs love to sleep. Once they have socialized and played they love to find a warm spot and cuddle up for a good nap.

French Bulldogs have amazing character. They will play with you. They will follow you from room to room. They love to be where you are.They are very affectionate. They look forward to being with you every day.

They can be a protector and guardian. They are very aware when something has changed in the home. They will show love to who you are friendly with. They will also growl and bark at someone who seems to be unwelcome.

They don't require a large space for exercise. They can run and play in your home or back yard. They do love a nice walk when you want to take them.

They are excellent with children. While you should always supervise your pet with your children, the Frenchie loves to play with your little ones.

Frenchies are playful. They enjoy chasing a ball. They love to run around and play with toys. (You should have two or more Frenchies so you can watch them play together)

Frenchies are very intelligent. They can be trained quickly. They pick favorite toys to play and cuddle with. They are easily potty trained.

Buying a Frenchie will change your life



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